Continental Tyres
Continental is a German tyre and automotive components company that has grown and evolved a great deal from its roots as a rubber factory established in 1871. Nearly 150 years later, the now giant company calls on huge technological and engineering resources across 55 countries to lead the way in tyre technology. Continentalʼs global expansion really took off in 1987 when it entered the American market through its acquisition of General Tire. Later, a new factory that was opened in Malaysia in 2003 meant it could also better serve the Australian and Asian markets.

Often regarded as a premium brand, Continental tyres have always been renowned for their braking and all-weather safety performance. Pushing the envelope is a tradition that stretches all the way back to 1904, when Continental introduced the first ever tyres with a tread pattern. It has also made many innovations in motorsport tyres, including the worldʼs first road tyre rated to 360km/h.

Continental rubber is often original equipment on car brands including Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ford, Honda and Toyota. Further, because Continental makes so many different hi-tech products, it is likely your car already has the companyʼs components, even if it doesnʼt yet have Continental tyres.
SportContact 6
The sportiest of the SportContact range, these tyres suit the driver who wants to enjoy the true handling performance of their car every day. The SportContact 6 is designed to give maximum handling and grip without compromising on safety.

Features include:
  • A new Micro Flexibility Compound, dubbed “Black Chili”, ensures an optimum interlock between tyre and road surface
  • Force Vectoring tread pattern, with Macro Block Design, ensures steering precision and support for lateral forces during cornering.
  • Aralon350 an adaptive hybrid cap ply for total safety and stability at ultra-high speeds - up to 350 km/h.

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PremiumContact 6 High Performance
Tyres have a vital role in overall ride comfort. When your vehicle is equipped with tyres specifically engineered for refinement then luxury reaches a new level. The Continental PremiumContact 6 suits all classes of passenger cars ‒ meaning everyone can enjoy the most supple and safe ride, no matter what they drive.

Features include:
  • Maximised wet braking while improving mileage due to Safety Silica Compounds
  • A mantra of “Safety Comfort Handling” achieved through tyre compounds that maximize wet braking and improve mileage – it’s a known conflict in tyre engineering finally resolved
  • Smooth pattern stiffness improves driving comfort and mileage, and lowers the exterior noise.

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MaxContact MC6 Ultra High Performance
The MaxContact MC6 delivers and exceeds the benchmarks all-round on safety, braking, wet-weather grip, mileage, handling, noise and refinement. How does it achieve so much? Through combining multiple features on every aspect of tyre engineering to guarantee outstanding performance.

Features include:
  • Dedicated areas of tread design to address all the directional forces applied to a tyre on the road
  • Stabiliser bars that anchor the outside shoulder blocks and the longitudinal rib to form a single stable unit
  • Noise Breaker 2.0 technology that interrupts soundwaves transmitted from the tyre and into the vehicle cabin
  • Special adhesive polymers within the tyre compound specifically designed to give you extreme grip.

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