Maxxis Tyres
Maxxis Tires International was founded in Taiwan in 1967 solely as a bicycle tyre manufacturer. It’s a far cry from the company’s current position as a diversified tyre maker with 30,000 staff which offers a bewildering array of product lines in 180 countries.

While supplying tyres for the more than 1 billion bicycles in the world (bicycles are still far and away the world’s most common vehicles) is still central to the Maxxis way, the company also makes tyres for cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, heavy machinery and industrial vehicles. With strong business growth and an ever-rising reputation, Maxxis tyres are factory fitted equipment for various car models from brands including Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai and Mitsubishi.

Part of the 50-year Maxxis success story comes from its dedication to excellent products and customer service. It’s summed up in the corporate mission that “only the best is acceptable – and the best can always be better”.

This commitment has spurred Maxxis to continually innovate to develop, improve and refine what it means to make a great tyre. Outside its own the research and development labs in Europe, Asia and North America, Maxxis tests its range in realworld conditions around the globe. The testing team includes motorsport world champions and materials engineers trained at the world’s best universities. Together they forge competitive spirit and science together to make tyres that measure up to the highest standards. This approach to getting the best result from the best inputs extends to Maxxis facilities, where the most advanced equipment is used by staff who focus on quality at every level. The results are world beating.
Maxxis MA511
Available in sizes from 15 inches right out to a sporty 19 inches, the MA511 is an on-road tyre suiting everything from hatchbacks to large sedans. A popular tyre offering a balance of performance and value, it also offers the grip, stability and handling response for a modicum of sporty driving. It’s a tyre mixing comfort and refinement with a dash of fun.

Features include:
  • Excellent durability through long-lasting compounds and special tread pattern
  • A spiral-wrapped nylon cap for added strength and stability.

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Maxxis MA-P3
Optimised for general passenger car driving, the Maxxis MA-P3 suits sedans and hatchbacks. It is optmised for refinement, secure handling and braking, rather than aggressive cornering. It’s a design ethos of safety first.

Features include:
  • Circumferential grooves, plus multiple tread grooves and sipes, to drain water for better wet road handling
  • Solid centre rib to improve increases handling and steering response
  • A low rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency.

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Maxxis AT700 Bravo
Tough and durable, the AT700 Bravo range has been developed specifically for traditional off-roaders, 4WD utes and SUVs. However, the dependable off-road traction in mud, sand and gravel doesn’t come at the expense of refined highway running.

Features include:
  • Unique tread design that features staggered shoulder blocks for extra grip
  • Toothed sipes in tread block and specially developed rubber compound provide excellent on-road braking and grip
  • Use of nylon cap ply to extend tread life and enhance puncture resistance.

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