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Well known in Perth and across Western Australia for its all-terrain tyres, the Cooper Tires story actually starts in 1914 with a small business that sold tyre-repair kits. The owners, two brothers, soon saw that getting tougher rubber on the road was the future. Through a series of moves and mergers between 1917 and the end of WWII, their tyre and rubber-products business grew and grew. Then, in 1946, it took a name you’d recognise today: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Alongside Goodyear, it is the only American-owned tyre manufacturer still operating. Yet, even with international operations, the Cooper Tires HQ is still at the same address it moved to in 1917 – though today the premises is a hundred times bigger.

Despite this long and colourful history, Cooper Tires – for all their local renown – is a relatively recent arrival in Australia. Wholesale distribution didn’t begin here until 1991. Since then though, the brand has become the off-roader’s choice. Testing in Australia’s ferocious off-road conditions is even a major component in Cooper Tires’ research and development efforts back in the USA.
Cooper A/T3 Heavy Duty
The Cooper A/T3 range tops out with this heavy-duty all-terrain tyre. The A/T3 Heavy Duty is a proven performer whatever the road or trail (or just the compass bearing of “that way”) demands. Even better, it is offered at sizes that make it a direct original equipment swap with some of the market’s most popular off-roaders.

Features include:
  • Anti-stone retention technology that uses special grooves and serrations that bite in to gain traction and dislodge stones. The tread pattern design not only gives excellent grip, it is also self-clearing
  • High-tech compounds. Made with an advanced silica formulation, the A/T3 Heavy Duty maximises wet surface traction
  • High tensile construction for increased strength and stronger protection while also offering higher load capacity
  • Micro-gauge siping that enhances grip in muddy, soft and slippery conditions

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Sometimes, just getting to the start of an off-road track is most of the challenge. For a tyre that can do it all – long-distance cruising, hauling caravans and trailers, and then still tackling the terrain – Cooper developed the HT3 line. While optimised to spend most of its life “soft-roading” and securely towing heavy loads, it won’t let you down when conditions get properly tough. Features include:

  • Deep see-through treads to give more grip and control on loose surfaces
  • Continuous outer tread ribs for additional stability and enhanced resistance to irregular wear – important, as towing changes wheel loadings
  • Anti-stone retention draft angles prevent stones wedged in the tread grooves from drilling and causing damage
  • Formulated with an ultra-high content of chemically-coupled silica for maximum wet traction

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The tyres to do it all and do it well. After years of local testing, the Cooper S/TMAXX gives the toughest all-terrain performance. Any road, anywhere – no tyre has been so ruthlessly developed to perform equally well on the blacktop, in the sand, up dirt tracks and plugging through mud. Features include:

Features include:
  • An enhanced buttress design to give extra grip and abrasion resistance off-road. The ultra-rugged appearance is a side-benefit of this design – a mark that S/TMAXX tyres really mean business
  • Stone ejector ribs and channels resist damage by discharging stones to avoid drilling and giving cut and chip resistance
  • Formulated with an ultra-high content of chemically-coupled silica for maximum wet traction
  • Compared with standard 2-ply tyres, the Armor-Tek3 construction provides 50% more protection against impact damage and 250% more tear resistance

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