Michelin Tyres
Michelin is a French tyre brand that kicked off in 1889 after two brothers, Edouard and Andre Michelin, who ran a small rubber factory, were asked by a passing bicyclist to repair a puncture. What would today be a simple fix was at the time a complicated and time-consuming procedure. The Michelins were intrigued by the problem and got inventing. Soon they had developed and patented a new type of bike tyre.

Over the next 60 years, the Michelin company grew and grew, continuing to try new things until, in 1946, it introduced its next epoch-making innovation: a commercially viable radial tyre. The advantages in durability, handling and fuel economy meant radials soon became the dominant style of tyre globally. Michelin rode the success to rise to be among the top in the tyre world.

Michelin has also been competing - and winning - in racing for more than 100 years. In fact, the company’s very first product - that innovative bicycle tyre - led to its very first trophy: first place in the 1891 Paris-Brest-Paris cycling endurance race. Since then Michelin has become almost synonymous with endurance racing. Among its wins is every Le Mans title for the past 20 years. There isn’t a mark of tyre toughness much higher than that.

In Australia, Michelin tyres have been distributed since the 1940s. In that time the brand has built a name as tyres that put performance before price. Also, given their European roots they are often the best choice for the French and German cars Australians increasingly choose.
Michelin Pilot Sport and Super Sport range
Inspired by Michelin’s success in Formula One and endurance racing, the Pilot Sport and Pilot Super Sport tyre ranges offer unsurpassed performance. Made with advanced technologies and techniques, these are tyres made to withstand the stress of maximum cornering and provide stability at high speeds, yet also to offer durability and ride comfort.

  • Reduced road noise through an acoustically optimal asymmetrical tread pattern.
  • A tread pattern featuring more grooves for water evacuation on the inside shoulder yet massive tread blocks for max handling on the outside shoulder.
  • Maximum grip, and handling and tread life through a specially developed and stickier tread compound.
  • Precisely placed individual Aramid/nylon hybrid filaments guarantee tyre shape will not deform in highly demanding driving.
Michelin Energy range
Built specifically for improved fuel saving compared to conventional tyres, Michelin’s Energy range are optimised for low rolling resistance. The concept it simple - the easier a tyre can turn, the less fuel it takes to turn it - however, the technology to do so without sacrificing grip and roadholding is highly advanced.

  • Alternating bridging reinforces the rigidity of tread blocks, meaning the tyre flexes less, reducing the rate of wear.
  • The full silica compound reduces the amount of heat the tyre generates from road contact, in turn reducing energy loss.
  • Optimum Void Grooves evacuate high volumes of water lowering the risk of aquaplaning.
Michelin Latitude range
The number one tyre of choice for many SUVs, the Latitude range encompasses everything from maximised on-road grip right out to rubber tough enough to tackle the Outback.

  • The full width 0º BAZ cap ply extends into the shoulder, the 0º belt counteracts deformation resulting from higher speeds and higher loads.
  • The 0º BAZ cap ply also maximises the rubber in contact with the road, while the varied spacing distributes tread pressure evenly.
  • Tread patterns and compounds derived directly from the arduous conditions of motorsport.
  • Some models have StabiliGrip self-locking sipes that give safety in the wet without compromising the performance in the dry.
Michelin Primacy range
There is more to tyres than grip and fuel economy, the Primacy range is Michelin’s premium offering optimised for long-distance touring. Tuned for quietness, refinement and a smooth ride, the Primacy range, however, does not sacrifice safety, handling or grip.

  • EvenPeak Technology gives a ride that's 8 percent quieter.
  • Noise is further reduced by tread blocks tuned to spread road noise over a wider range of frequencies.
  • CushionGuard Technology in the tread cushions the vibrations of road contact.
    This ensures the ride is smooth, steady and comfortable.
  • FlexMax Chamfer prevents the tread block from distorting and losing contact pressure under the centre of the block, ensuring maximum rubber contact with the road when needed most.