Bridgestone Tyres
Simply, Bridgestone is the biggest tyre brand in the world. This Japanese company, founded in 1931, rose from the destruction of World War II and just kept expanding. Its name comes from the English translation of the surname of its founder, Shojiro Ishibashi – literally “bridge of stone”. For the first few decades of its existence, it went about making tyres by unconventional methods developed in house. Rejecting the established practices of its European and American rivals, this left-field approach caused a lot of problems, but eventually it meant Bridgestone could find its own distinctive and effective ways to manufacture a quality product.

After being nearly destroyed in World War II, the company at first rebuilt itself as a specialist in motorcycle tyres. (It even enjoyed some success manufacturing its own motorcycles during this time). In the 1960s, it diversified its output and went all out to introduce sweeping quality control practices that encompassed every aspect of its operations. This, and Japan’s economic post-war growth, transformed Bridgestone into a powerhouse and soon led to it expanding overseas. By 1980, it arrived in Australia through taking over facilities which had been operated by Uniroyal.

It has kept growing and innovating right through. Today it has over 140,000 staff and 180 factories in 24 countries, including one here in Australia – a rare thing in the tyre world. Bridgestone is now the parent company of Firestone (acquired in 1988) and Bandag (acquired 2006), while the manufacturing of automotive, industrial and technical components for other brands comprises a good fraction of its operations. Business aside, Bridgestone is also well known in motorsport circles, not least for its 11 tyre constructor’s championships in Formula 1 and for being the rubber used by 11 F1 world champions in the driver’s competition.
Bridgestone Ecopia EP300
Designed for safety and value, the Ecopia EP300 is also engineered to give you the best on-road performance. Because it has low rolling resistance each rotation against the road requires less fuel than conventional tyres, boosting your carʼs economy. Itʼs a double saving: for you, each trip to the pumps costs less; for the environment, it means lower emissions per kilometre.

Features include:
  • Rounded block edges that boost braking in both the wet and the dry
  • Nano Pro-Tech rubber compound that increases tyre contact area
  • Improved crown design for increased overall durability

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Bridgestone Turanza T001
Created for luxury and long-distance touring, the Turanza T001 is a tyre recommended by renowned car brands like Mercedes-Benz and Mazda. It offers a unique tread design that incorporates noise reduction technology for serene and comfortable highway cruising.

Features include:
  • Leading high-speed performance and stability
  • Excellent braking grip in all road conditions
  • Clever acoustic engineering to reduce and even eliminate certain undesirable noises

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Bridgestone Dueler A/T 693
Built tough for the toughest off-road conditions, the Dueler is a superb match for highperformance 4WDs. Itʼs an all-terrain tyre that can do it all off-road and then transition back to the blacktop comfortably. Stability in all conditions is assured through reinforced polyester body plies and shoulder back.

Features include:
  • Comfortable, quiet on-road ride quality
  • Reinforced structure for excellent puncture resistance and load carrying
  • Enhanced durability and wear life

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