GoodYear Tyres
Goodyear (est. 1898) is one of the world’s largest and oldest tyre brands. Today, it has around 72,000 staff and factories in 22 countries. Named to honour Charles Goodyear, a mid-19th Century inventor who was central in stabilising natural rubber into a useful compound, the Goodyear company has always lived up to the meaning of its famed ‘Wingfoot’ logo: innovation moves fast.

Over many decades, Goodyear has recorded many milestones. It was the tyre of choice for the Ford Model T – the world’s first mass-produced car. In 1909, just 6 years after the first ever flight, it offered special tyres just for aeroplanes. The company’s interest in aviation stuck: it still builds airships (including the Goodyear Blimp) and even made fighters during WWII. Goodyear tyres have even left tracks on the moon with the Lunar Rover of Apollo 14.

Growing ever larger as the automobile came to dominate the 20th Century post-war, Goodyear faced its toughest challenge in the 1970s. Rapid improvements in radial tyres began to overtake Goodyear’s established construction techniques, meanwhile repeated oil embargoes put the global car industry in jeopardy.

Taking decisive action, Goodyear rebuilt its factories to make radials. Competitors chose to wait and see. Boldness paid off. Today Goodyear, alone among big American tyre brands, remains independent.

Goodyear has a long history in Australia. Unsurprising, given that Ford and General Motors (via Holden), both having long ties with Goodyear, dominated local motoring for so long. Indeed, the very first set of tyres stocked by Richard’s Tyrepower were Goodyears. We still proudly stock the full local range because it offers good value for money, high durability and great technology. They are tyres Western Australian families have trusted for generations, and rightly so.
Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres
Every model in the multi-award-winning Eagle F1 range of tyres is made with cuttingedge engineering to uphold a reputation for high performance, handling and braking.

Encompassing the Assymetric 2, Assymetric 3, Assymetric SUV, Super Car and Directional 5 lines, the Eagle F1 range’s features include:

  • Active Braking Technology that increases surface contact to reduce stopping distances when braking
  • Lightweight racing-derived carcass construction to reduce unsprung mass, enabling the tyre to follow the road surface contours more closely
  • Continuous inboard ribs and spirally wrapped polyamide cords to an increase in high speed capabilities
  • Optimised cavity shape and tread stiffness provide uniform pressure distribution across the footprint, resulting in even wear and better mileage.
GoodYear Assurance range
With the Assurance range, Goodyear has delivered a tyre that gives the best of everything. It focuses on increasing grip, safety, durability and fuel savings. The product line includes the popular TripleMax and Armor Grip models in a wide range of sizes, suiting everything from hatchbacks to luxury cars.

Features include:
  • Hydrogrip Technology that reduces braking distances by more than 2 meters on wet roads
  • Kevlar reinforcement for added protection against road hazards and blowouts
  • Functionalised Polymer Tread Compound decreases rolling resistance and improves fuel economy
  • Large shoulder blocks with high-level biting edges provide increased road contact.
Eagle Efficient Grip for low rolling resistence
Optimised for quietness, Goodyear’s Eagle Efficient Grip line provides a smoother and more comfortable ride. Without sacrificing grip, its low rolling resistance on various road conditions means you enjoy a measurable improvement in fuel economy.

  • A closed shoulder design combined with a balanced block distribution and perpendicular edge tread blades means smooth road contact and reduced noise
  • A high silica rubber blend reduces friction and fuel consumption
  • A special underlay within the tyres absorbs vibrations and improves ride comfort
  • Tread designed to ensure maximum contact and maximum grip in all conditions.
Goodyear Wrangler tyres
When your driving takes you from blacktop to mountaintop, you need a tyre that can handle it all. Goodyear’s popular Wrangler tyres are just the ticket. They deliver high levels of on-road ride comfort, wet grip and stability, while using Kevlar reinforcement for added puncture resistance and strength off-road.

  • Rigid shoulder blocks to improve on-road traction and handling
  • Silent Armor Technology maintains off-road grip yet minimises on-road noise
  • Some models include SmartTRED Weather Reactive Technology with which the tyres adapts to different climates
  • A range of models for a range of uses: from 50% off-road models to others built to spend 90% of the time on tarmac.