Kumho Tyres
The operation that would grow into the mega-brand of Kumho Tyres actually started life as an in-house tyre manufacturer for a bus and taxi business in the early 1950s. It split into its own entity in 1960 under the name Samyang Tire. This South Korean brand then grew quickly, in line with the 60-year-long economic growth spurt of its home country. As the millennium approached, it acquired more and more companies – everbroadening its corporate and engineering resources. The overall Kumho industrial group is now South Korea’s 7th largest company and manufactures around 70 million tyres each year.

Globally, Kumho is known as a leader in environmental manufacturing and for its generous sponsorships of many charities and sporting teams. Of special note to Australians is its prominent place in fostering the grassroots of the V8 Supercar series. The brand itself has been a force locally since the 1980s and has carved out a reputation for excellent value and excellent all-around performance.
Ecowing ES01 KH27
A new generation of fuel-saving tyre, the Ecowing has all the economy and eco-friendly characteristics of the KH30, yet offering far improved handling and feel. Imagine a tyre that, by itself, can slash your fuel bills by more than 5%.

Features include:
  • Enhanced wet grip and traction through a strengthened rib and improved centre block pattern
  • Closed and notched shoulder to yield better handling
  • A special high dispersion silica sidewall material minimises energy loss.

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Kumho PS71
The era of the tyre tradeoff is over: you can now have comfort and high performance at the same time. Welcome the PS71, a ‘harmony sports tyre. Offering a cutting-edge tread design and high-tech compound, it is the best of both worlds. Precision, handling and braking combined with smoothness, luxury and quietness.

Features include:
  • Hi-tech material and compounds to maximise driving performance
  • Solid rib tyre design to improve wet braking
  • Closed and strengthened shoulder block to improve handling, allied with a grooved notch which improves cornering performance in the wet.

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Road Venture AT51
The MaxContact The Road Venture AT51, is the Kumho rubber to take off the road. Delivering superb traction, its aggressive tread pattern will cut through mud, dig in to climb steep tracks and hold on in the wet or dry. Built to do one-third of its kays off road, Kumho’s own testing in the Australian outback proves the Road Venture range is more than tough enough for local conditions.

Features include:
  • A zig-zag groove running at full depth around the full tyre circumference which combines with multiple lateral grooves and sipes to improve on and off-road performance
  • Dual-pitch pattern for extreme off-road tread performance and ultimate traction
  • An asymmetric all-terrain tread pattern formed from a cut and chipresistant compound to amplify off-road traction.

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